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Wearable Robots Getting Lighter, More Portable

May 9, 2013 11:12 am | by Carla K. Johnson, AP Medical Writer | News | Comments

When Michael Gore stands, it's a triumph of science and engineering. Eleven years ago, Gore was paralyzed from the waist down in a workplace accident, yet he rises from his wheelchair to his full 6-foot-2-inches and walks across the room with help from a lightweight wearable robot.


Spintronics Discovery: Scientists Find New Magic in Magnetic Material

May 9, 2013 11:03 am | by University of Delaware | News | Comments

In research that is helping to lay the groundwork for the electronics of the future, University of Delaware scientists have confirmed the presence of a magnetic field generated by electrons which scientists had theorized existed, but that had never been proven until now.

Engineers Fine-Tune the Sensitivity of Nano-Chemical Sensor

May 9, 2013 10:56 am | by University of Illinois at Chicago | News | Comments

Researchers have discovered a technique for controlling the sensitivity of graphene chemical sensors. The sensors, made of an insulating base coated with a graphene sheet--a single-atom-thick layer of carbon--are already so sensitive that they can detect an individual molecule of gas.


Using 'Bacteria-Eaters' to Prevent Infections on Medical Implant Materials

May 9, 2013 10:42 am | by American Chemical Society | News | Comments

Viruses that infect and kill bacteria—used to treat infections in the pre-antibiotic era a century ago and in the former Soviet Union today—may have a new role in preventing formation of the sticky "biofilms" of bacteria responsible for infections on implanted medical devices.


Covidien Unveils Innovative Capnography Solution for OEM Partners

May 9, 2013 10:16 am | by Covidien | News | Comments

Covidien, a leading global provider of healthcare products and recognized innovator in patient monitoring and respiratory care devices, has launched the Microstream® MicroPod™ module. This is an important product for its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners that will help hospitals improve patient safety by expanding access to capnography technology.


First Patient Enrolled in reMARQable Clinical Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Multi-Electrode nMARQ™ Pulmonary Vein Isolation System™ in the Treatment of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

May 9, 2013 9:49 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

DIAMOND BAR, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 9, 2013--Biosense Webster, Inc., a worldwide leader in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, today announced the first patient has been enrolled in the reMARQable clinical study. ReMARQable will assess the safety and efficacy of the use of...


IMS Health Study Points to a Declining Cost Curve for U.S. Medicines in 2012

May 9, 2013 8:00 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

PARSIPPANY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 9, 2013--Total spending on U.S. medicines fell 3.5 percent on a real per capita basis in 2012 and the use of healthcare services overall declined for the second consecutive year, according to a new study released today by the IMS Institute for Healthcare...


Wi2Wi is Awarded First Production Order from another Major Global Leader in Medical Devices

May 9, 2013 7:45 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 9, 2013--Wi2Wi Corporation ("Wi2Wi" or the "Company") (TSX-V: YTY) is pleased to announce that a leading global pharmaceutical company with a substantial medical diagnostic division has placed its first production order for 10,000 units of Wi2Wi’s Single-Antenna...


Super White Washdown Duty Motor

May 8, 2013 5:11 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Baldor Electric has introduced the new Super White Washdown Duty motor designed for humid and moist environments in the food and beverage industry where motors receive sanitary washdowns on a regular basis. The autophoretic autodeposition exterior surface preparation method makes the white epoxy finish coat of this motor five times more resistant...

New Flood-Lamp Systems CE Marked for Standardized Global Use

May 8, 2013 4:52 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

The ECE Series UV Light-Curing Flood-Lamp Systems, recently introduced by Dymax, are designed to optimize safety and convenience for process-controlled cures. These powerful UV lamps ensure fully cured products and fast cure times resulting in increased manufacturing yields.

Radio Touch Probe Brings ‘Out of Sight’ Precision

May 8, 2013 4:29 pm | by MDT Staff | Renishaw, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Bringing "out of sight" precision to complex 3D part measurement on machine tools, the Renishaw RMP600 touch probe combines two exclusive Renishaw technologies — highest accuracy strain-gage sensing and frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio transmission.

System Enables Machining of Multiple Parts Per Load

May 8, 2013 3:59 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Machining center utilization improves significantly using the new Kurt PinLock system. It enables machining of multiple parts per load while reducing setup time. The PinLock is a pre-engineered system for precisely locating, attaching and removing fixtures, subplates and vises on a single or a series of machining centers.

mHealth Technology: Design and Development of Mobile Integrated Therapies

May 8, 2013 3:00 pm | by Paul Upham, Director of Product Marketing, WellDoc, Inc. | Articles | Comments

The primary care practitioner is well poised to be the central point-of-care, aiding a more holistic approach to the patient. However, the patient demand curve will quickly outstrip the supply of practitioners in even the best treatment models. An enhanced approach is necessary, one that enables patient self-management combined with efficiency tools for HCPs.


UNT Professor’s Laser Technology Could Change the Way Surgeons Operate

May 8, 2013 1:51 pm | by University of North Texas | News | Comments

A University of North Texas professor has filed a patent on a new laser technology he and his research associate developed for cutting and shaping bone that causes minimal damage to the surrounding tissue and bones, could speed up surgery and recovery times, and even lessen the amount of blood lost during operations.


Varian Enables HIPAA Compliance and Optimizes Customer Service with the Axeda Machine Cloud

May 8, 2013 1:49 pm | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Axeda Corporation, the leading provider of cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and delivering machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, today announced that Varian Medical Systems, a leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other...



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