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Neurotransmitter’s Role in Bone Balance

November 8, 2013 11:57 am | by Leigh MacMillan, Vanderbilt University | News | Comments

Bone remodeling – the lifelong process of bone removal and formation – is tightly regulated. Recent studies have suggested a role for the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous system in bone metabolism, but the contribution of endogenous norepinephrine is ...


11 Patents for New Sleep Apnea Implant Technology

November 8, 2013 10:46 am | by Nyxoah | News | Comments

Nyxoah, a Belgian-Israeli start-up company that develops a tiny implant for treating sleep apnea and snoring, has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is issuing 11 patents for Nyxoah's ...     


Rickets Making a Comeback

November 8, 2013 10:42 am | by Maria Cheng, AP Medical Writer | News | Comments

Rickets, the childhood disease that once caused an epidemic of bowed legs and curved spines during the Victorian era, is making a shocking comeback in 21st-century Britain. Rickets results from a severe deficiency of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. Rickets was historically ...


Test for Patients with Sore Throats Cuts Antibiotic Use

November 8, 2013 10:26 am | by University of Southampton | News | Comments

A new 'clinical score' test for patients with sore throats could reduce the amount of antibiotics prescribed and result in patients feeling better more quickly, research in the British Medical Journal shows. Researchers at the University of Southampton ...


Gut Hormone Test Predicts Individual Efficacy of Gastric Bypass

November 8, 2013 10:22 am | by Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen - German Research Centre for Environmental Health | News | Comments

The sensitivity of the GLP-1 hormone, which is secreted by the gastrointestinal tract, can predict the metabolic efficacy of a gastric bypass. The use of a GLP1 challenge could thus function as a novel predictive biomarker for ...   


Photos of the Day: Emulating Healthy Limbs

November 8, 2013 10:13 am | by Vanderbilt University | News | Comments

Unlike passive artificial legs, robotic legs have the capability of moving independently and out of sync with its users movements. So the development of a system that integrates the movement of the prosthesis with the movement of the user is ...


Robotics Promise More Natural Artificial Legs

November 8, 2013 10:08 am | by David Salisbury, Vanderbilt University | News | Comments

Recent advances in robotics technology make it possible to create prosthetics that can duplicate the natural movement of human legs. This capability promises to dramatically improve the mobility of lower-limb amputees, allowing them to ...


Accelerating the Body's Response to Infection, Autoimmune Disorders

November 7, 2013 4:50 pm | by UT Southwestern | News | Comments

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers report that disrupting the light-dark cycle of mice increased their susceptibility to inflammatory disease, indicating that the production of a key immune cell is controlled by the body’s circadian clock ...


Wireless Device Converts 'Lost' Energy into Electric Power

November 7, 2013 4:46 pm | by Duke University | News | Comments

Using inexpensive materials configured and tuned to capture microwave signals, researchers at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering have designed a power-harvesting device with efficiency similar to that of modern solar panels ... 


New Method Predicts Time from Alzheimer's Onset to Nursing Home, Death

November 7, 2013 4:22 pm | by Columbia University Medical Center | News | Comments

A Columbia University Medical Center-led research team has clinically validated a new method for predicting time to full-time care, nursing home residence, or death for patients with Alzheimer's disease. The method, which uses data gathered ...


Exploring Public Perceptions of Future Wearable Computing

November 7, 2013 4:19 pm | by Georgia Institute of Technology | News | Comments

As scientists develop the next wave of smartwatches and other wearable computing, they might want to continue focusing their attention on the arms and the wrists. According to a recent Georgia Tech study, portable electronic devices placed ...


Wet/Dry Vacuums Deliver Flexible and Powerful Cleaning Performance

November 7, 2013 4:08 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Clarke introduced the new Maxxi II Wet/Dry Vacuums, designed to provide a flexible, reliable cleaning solution for both wet and dry filtration. Available in three models—9-, 14- and 19-gallon tank options—the Maxxi II series satisfies diverse cleaning challenges, ranging from small office environments to large education and healthcare facilities.

The Tao of Pee

November 7, 2013 4:00 pm | by Jason Socrates Bardi, American Institute of Physics | News | Comments

Although we don't often think about it, fluid dynamics touches almost every aspect of our lives, from a billowing breeze that buffets a flag, to swirling river currents that shape canyons to the surging blood that sustains our lives. One of the basest of bodily functions ...

Vision Turbine Flow Meters Measure Low-viscosity and Non-aggressive Liquids

November 7, 2013 3:53 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

Badger Meter announced the introduction of the Vision Series turbine flow meters, which comply with lead-free provisions of the United States Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and are bisphenol A (BPA) free. The compact meters are designed for flow measurement of low-viscosity and non-aggressive liquids...

Fiber-Coupled, Multi-Bar Module Delivers Up to 6kW

November 7, 2013 3:43 pm | by MDT Staff | Product Releases | Comments

DILAS announced a fiber coupled, multi-bar diode laser module. This micro-channel-cooled unit is capable of delivering up to 6-kilowatt output at a wavelength mix of 9xxnm through a 1000µm, 0.22NA fiber. It combines multi-kW fiber-coupled diode laser power with a small footprint and high efficiency.


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