Vermont Company Brushes Up on Decorating Challenges

Wed, 06/23/2010 - 10:31am
Vermont Company

Printing on toothbrushes used to be a challenge in the product decorating field, until the engineers at Pad Print Machinery of Vermont sunk their teeth into the problem.


Pad Print Machinery of Vermont’s custom fixturing solutions

“Toothbrush manufactures were coming to us with a dozen different styles of brushes and handles, and wanted us to invent a printing solution that would work for all of them,” said Pad Print Machinery of Vermont President Julian Joffe. With brushes in hand, the engineering and graphic design teams got to work creating a pad printing system that automatically loads, pre-treats, prints, post-cures, and unloads a minimum of 1,500 pieces an hour. Our customer was able to greatly increase their production, plus free up two operators from the toothbrush printing line for other jobs in the plant,” Joffe said.

One simple solution that the Pad Print team designed was a single-color XP-05 with a rotary table fitted with eight two-up fixtures. Another solution involved a four-color XP-13 with automated loading and a built-in corona pre-treater, printing full process color pictures on a 30-station over-under conveyor feeder, hot air, automated pick-and-place unloading, and a post-print curing conveyor oven.

“Pad Print Machinery of Vermont’s custom fixturing solutions were designed to accommodate a wide variety of brush sizes and styles,” Joffe said, “which meant the customer didn’t need to have a new fixture built every time a new toothbrush came along. We like to work smarter, not harder. It’s part of the Vermont way.”



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