Micro-sample Viscometer Advances Cranial Aneurism Treatment

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 10:47am
Michael D’Alelio

In developing an important new treatment for cranial aneurysms, a leading southern California biotech company faced a key challenge: how to precisely control the viscosity of their injectable medical liquid. To find a solution, the company turned to Cambridge Viscosity.

Biological liquid paste

The company manufactures a biological liquid paste that surgeons inject into the blood stream of the affected area of the cranium when an aneurysm occurs. The paste is produced in very small quantities and is quite expensive. To achieve the proper consistency, the paste’s viscosity must be very precise. If it is too thin, it will not achieve the proper blocking; if it is too thick, it cannot be safely injected. The biotech company needed an easy-to-use viscometer in order to accurately measure the smallest amount of medicine sample possible.

The company was already using Cambridge viscometers in their development lab and had firsthand experience with the sensors’ accuracy and reliability. They faced a special challenge, however, when it came to measuring the biological paste’s viscosity, as it required them to work with micro-samples of the valuable material. The company selected Cambridge’s VISCOlab 5000 micro-sample viscometer because it requires only 75 micro-liters of sample for research and manufacturing applications.

“Cambridge micro-sample viscometers are widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical markets where very small amounts of fluid are available for testing, but the value of accurate information is high,” says Cambridge Viscosity President Robert Kasameyer. “It is gratifying to know that our sensors are helping to advance this exciting new method for treating cranial aneurysms.”

About Cambridge Viscosity
Cambridge Viscosity, the leader in viscosity technology, has pioneered small sample viscosity for advanced laboratory and process systems worldwide. Cambridge’s small sample viscometers are used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to ensure accurate viscosity in both their lab and process operations. Cambridge’s worldwide reach is important for providing application engineering support and service wherever and whenever needed.

Cambridge Viscosity’s sensors and viscometer systems conform to ASTM, DIN, JIS and ISO standards, with a range of models designed to meet specific industry and application needs. Certifications include ATEX Class 1, Div. 1, CE, FM and NEMA. CSA certification is also available upon request.

Michael D’Alelio is in the Global Marketing division of Cambridge Viscosity, Inc. by PAC. Cambridge Viscosity is a global leader in fluid viscosity measurement. The company’s major applications include life sciences and pharmaceuticals as well as oil and gas exploration; oil analysis, chemical processing, and coatings. Mr. D’Alelio graduated from Merrimack College.


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