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Managing Compliance and Software Lifecycles for Medical Device Manufacturers

April 30, 2010 8:08 am | by David Znidarsic | Comments

This article explores electronic license management, a simple solution for medical technology manufacturers that can ensure regulatory compliance while delivering a host of additional benefits, including simplifying how companies bring their products to market and ensuring they can maximize their revenue.

Why a Customer Would Choose a 100W Fiber Laser

April 30, 2010 7:51 am | by A-1 Laser | Comments

There comes a time when a technology changes the way we think about applications or the approach to a problem. Fiber lasers have changed the laser world in just that way.

Antimicrobial Protected Tubing 2010: Focus on New Materials

April 30, 2010 7:24 am | by Marcia Coulson | Eldon James Corp. | Comments

Several issues are pushing dramatic changes in the area of medical tubing. This article covers, in detail, what these areas are, what challenges they pose to all involved in making and using medical tubing, and what new approaches, materials and testing are going into the new breed of tubing that is being demanded by end users today.


Choosing an EMS Supplier? Look for PLM

April 30, 2010 7:13 am | by Kurt Hartwig | Comments

Are quality and on-time delivery of high importance to you? Maybe engineering design and quick-turn prototype services top your list. Or, perhaps you are more interested in capacity and VIP attention to your projects. If you are like most original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), you want all of these and more from your electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company. This article will examine the benefits of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), as well as several other vital traits that are often overlooked in an OEM/EMS long-term partnership.

Machine Vision Helps Syringe Assembly System Double Productivity

April 30, 2010 7:02 am | by Cognex Corp. | Comments

Often, in order to provide customers with the best quality products, companies are forced to sacrifice high productivity and competitive pricing. However, one company’s innovations in syringe manufacturing technology have proven that quality can be achieved efficiently, at a low cost.

Fiber Laser Extends Capabilities of Laser Welding Workstations

April 30, 2010 6:47 am | by Crafford-LaserStar Technologies Corp. | Comments

Crafford-LaserStar Technologies Corp., a worldwide supplier of laser microwelding, cutting, and marking workstations for industrial applications, premiered its first FiberStar laser welding workstation earlier this year, and is already examining other workstation products that feature fiber laser engines.

The Future is Evident

April 30, 2010 6:34 am | by Kristin Johnson | Disposable Instrument Company, Inc. | Comments

In September 2008, Covidien Energy-based Devices, a market leader in advanced energy-based surgical systems, announced the launch of the Evident MW Ablation System, providing physicians with a powerful new technology to ablate soft tissue.

Protecting Product Quality in an Outsourced Manufacturing Model

April 30, 2010 6:18 am | by Chris Rehl | Comments

Today’s chilling economic climate is accelerating the adoption of cost-cutting initiatives. Outsourcing component and sub-assembly manufacturing, as well as application development, has long been standard practice for high-tech and consumer manufacturing, and medical electronics manufacturers are now increasingly following suit.


Canfield Scientific Chooses SYSPRO for Integrated ERP CRM Solution

April 30, 2010 6:09 am | by Canfield Scientific | Comments

Canfield Scientific offers imaging systems services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, medical and skin care industries. The company has recently brought in SYSPRO to replace its previous software systems.

Leverage On-Board Intelligence to Add More Value to Hospitals

April 30, 2010 6:00 am | by Michael Cislo | Comments

Hospitals are under increasing pressure to become more cost-effective and get more “patient throughput” with the equipment and resources that they have. One way of achieving this is the advancement of on-board device intelligence, as discussed in the following article.

Sore Back Relief Rests on Precision Bearings

April 30, 2010 5:14 am | by Axiom Worldwide | Comments

At some point in eighty percent of people’s lives, back pain will be their worst enemy. In many cases, the cause is pressure exerted on nerves branching out from the spinal column into the lower or upper extremities. This article discusses newly engineered technologies in spinal decompression.

Non-Glare Material Helps Portable Video Laryngoscope Provide Clear View for Emergency Intubations

April 28, 2010 12:44 pm | by Astra Products | Comments

Verathon Medical Canada has begun producing its video laryngoscopes with Clarex non-glare materials, allowing for higher-quality, lower-risk medical care to be provided both in and out of a hospital setting.

What’s in the Secret Sauce for U.S. Manufacturing?: Century Old Company Stays Competitive by Designing for Manufacturability

April 28, 2010 12:15 pm | by ATW Companies | Comments

For more than a century, the ATW Companies have been world-class suppliers of precision tubing and fabricated metal components. This article explores the ways in which the company has maintained high standards of manufacturability in the modern market.

Keep Cash Flowing With Trade Terms

April 28, 2010 11:48 am | by Richard Flynn | Comments

To make the end of the month a bit easier, it pays to understand how trade terms work, how they can be used to even out cash flow, and what you can do to gain access to trade terms, or similar tools. The following provides the basics of trade terms along with tips on how to put them to work for your business.

ControlPanelGRC Gets to the Heart of Abiomed’s GRC Requirements

April 28, 2010 11:37 am | by Abiomed, Inc. | Comments

ControlPanelGRC, as second-generation software, has not only helped Abiomed automate its governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) efforts; it is also helping them streamline their business processes overall, which has been an unexpected but welcome additional benefit.


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