Bioabsorbable Polymers Will Offer New Possibilities for Drug Delivery

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 3:14pm
Uwe Winzen, Ph.D., Global Marketing Manager, Lubrizol LifeScience Polymers


Bioabsorbable technologies will provide medical device manufacturers with new opportunities.A new formulation of synthetic, biochemically absorbable polymers is creating opportunities in the medical device and pharmaceutical fields. These “bioabsorbable polymers” are materials designed to dissolve into compounds that the body can safely absorb or eliminate.

Currently, bioabsorbable polymers are most commonly used in orthopedic treatments, wound care, and tissue engineering, as well as drug release. Recent developments in bioabsorbables technology may provide manufacturers with new possibilities for tailoring their drug delivery systems.

Design flexibility has been a perceived limitation of existing bioabsorbables technology, but developments from Lubrizol LifeScience Polymers are challenging those limits. Lubrizol’s bioabsorbable polymers will have the potential to be engineered for products with a variety of customizable physical properties, thus overcoming the strength and longevity challenges that have prevented the widespread use of existing bioabsorbable materials in some applications. With an enhanced level of customization, bioabsorbables are set to become useful tools in both the medical device and pharmaceutical fields.



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