Design Note: Metal Injection Molding Design App

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 4:14pm
Kinetics Climax


An app to assist engineers with the design of their complex metal components for the metal injection molding process, now available on iOS

Designing a medical device and pondering if metal injection molding (MIM) is the right technology for the project? As a design engineer, do the following questions come to mind when specifying MIM into a design: What type of material is best suited for my needs? What design features can be manufactured into my design with minimal added costs? These questions can now be answered with a new, innovative app developed by Kinetics Climax Inc.

Kinetics MIM smart phone application was introduced for design engineers interested in receiving metal alloy selection and design advice for their potential MIM components. Kinetics has always had a focus on being the world’s technology leader in the MIM process. With that comes a commitment to providing potential users of MIM with useful technological resources, such as its recently released state-of-the-art material selector and a comprehensive design guide. The material selector matches material performance criteria to suitable alloys and then provides material property data sheets. The design guide helps designers get the most from MIM by defining design requirements across a wide range of searchable categories. Illustrative figures are also featured.

Kinetics’ has always worked to foster the values of the MIM technology in the medical device market. The Kinetics MIM app is the company’s recent effort to help users of the MIM technology experience successful results on their MIM application designs. Additional efforts are already underway to incorporate updates to the app to include Kinetics’ predictive PCpk tool to assess dimensional tolerance capabilities of an application. The benefit of PCpk is based on a mathematical model that accurately defines what can and cannot be manufactured with the MIM process, which helps prevent unplanned process steps and can save manufacturers money by identifying dimensional tolerance requirements that can be achieved and those that cannot. When the designer’s specifications exceed the capabilities of MIM, the PCpk tool can provide achievable specifications for the designer to consider or use when evaluating the specifications for mating components in their products. Look for future announcements of this upcoming addition to this already useful and unique application.

Kinetics MIM is now available for FREE. The app is available in the U.S. on the Apple AppStore or use the following link:


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