How did we ever survive the great H1N1 outbreak?

Tue, 08/10/2010 - 10:21am

Well, the worst is over. We are now in a post-pandemic state. Who knew we'd make it through OK. Many media reports would have had you thinking otherwise. So, now in reflection, is it apparent that all the hype around H1N1, or more affectionately known as The Swine Flu, (or at least much of it) was really just ways for nightly news programs to get ratings or for flu shot providers to make a buck? Perhaps that's a bit too cynical or even tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist thinking, but when I hear that the "standard" annual flu kills more people than the H1N1 flu ever did, it makes me wonder why all the attention was focused on this.

Well, regardless, we're all OK . . . at least until the next great pandemic. 

WHO says H1N1 pandemic is over.


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