Fighting for the Consumer’s Acceptance

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 9:13am
Jason Hayes, Product Development Manager, MiniFAB

Consumer-driven user requirements for home-use devices increasingly require more than just usability, safety, and efficacy; strong insight into why the consumer needs the device is also required. From backyard sheds to universities and research groups to small and large companies alike, bright minds have no shortage of invention of medical products designed for home use. Many companies offering devices, diagnostics, and therapies, each based on their own platforms, ask users to invest in yet another device to clutter their homes or connect to their internet devices. How many more do they still need to collect in order to create a suite that meets all of their needs?

The consumer budget and bandwidth for new technology is under increasing strain from relentless marketing of communication, entertainment, and lifestyle products. Even for conventional medical treatments, consumers seem reluctant to increase the family budget in this area, and equally, insurance companies struggle to offer sufficient support to encourage non-essential treatment. So, the big challenge for designers: how to make a product offering irresistible to the user, despite limited counter space, full sockets, and overflowing cupboards while meeting the technical specifications required for the application.


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