The Obstacles to Design Success for Home Care Products

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 4:38pm
Garren Walters, Applications Team Leader, Precision Fluidics Division, Parker Hannifin

As Parker sees it, the three biggest obstacles to [design] success for patient care products, such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators, are portability, battery life, and reliability. To make home care products more portable, Parker has reduced the size of some valves up to 75%. These valves are lighter, too. Some weigh less than a sixth of an ounce.

In addition to making valves smaller, mobile products simply must consume less power. Lower power consumption means increased battery life, meaning patients can remain active longer. Some of our newer generation valves, for instance, consume a half-watt or less.

Finally, there’s reliability. Patients who use home care products depend on them day in and day out. Rigorous design processes, our internal testing/qualification processes, as well as our manufacturing process control systems, ensure these products will work reliably in our customer’s challenging applications.


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