Material Suppliers Assist in Fight Against HAIs

Mon, 08/12/2013 - 4:02pm
Kathy S. Tucker, North America Application Development Leader, Styron LLC

When it comes to HAIs, material suppliers are assisting device makers in a several ways.

First, we’re developing materials with properties to withstand the aggressive cleaners needed to reduce bacteria and fight the spread of infectious diseases. For example, Styron focuses on polycarbonate and thermoplastic engineered resins. In medical applications, our advanced materials are necessary because exposure to chemicals can cause cracking, crazing and loss of mechanical properties.

Second, we recognize that material development is a continuous and critical process. Bacteria becomes more resistant over time and requires harsher chemicals to ensure proper cleansing, which, in turn, requires advanced material options. Lately, tuberculosis is a concern and we support customers by helping them identify the latest material solutions.

Third, we support device manufacturers by offering a selection of materials that can be integrated into a single device. In order to control system costs, a customer needs to be able to utilize different materials for different components of an application. For example, the cover on a dispensing cart may require an advanced chemical resistant material. Other components may be able to utilize more cost effective grades.


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