Securing Patient Data in Motion and At Rest

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 3:57pm
Vivian Funkhouser, Principal of Healthcare Vertical Solutions, Motorola Solutions


Q: As more medical devices collect patient data, what measures are being taken to secure the information and safeguard privacy?

Data security is a hot topic in the healthcare industry. Healthcare network providers have the difficult task of identifying the correct technology to collect and store data all while maintaining a secure network to communicate and transmit the data.

It is important to not only consider the type of technology healthcare networks utilize to collect data, but also to consider the network features that must support the safe transmission of that data. At Motorola Solutions, a telecommunications solutions provider for government and enterprise customers, network and handset precautions encompass securing data at rest as well as in motion. Securing data in motion has four key functions—security and compliance, network assurance, infrastructure management, and proximity awareness and analytics.

By addressing each of these functions as well as selecting the correct technology from the start, healthcare organizations can rest assured that they are properly securing patients’ data.


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