Following Up from RSNA 2013

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 1:58pm
Pierre Lemire, President and CTO, Calgary Scientific

Heading into RSNA 2013, I wrote about advancements in technology over the past 25 years and how significant improvements in technology has allowed us to deliver on what we hoped would be possible. This seemed to resonate with many people based on the number of times it was brought up to me at our booth. That’s one of my highlights from RSNA—getting to engage directly with people and hearing their thoughts on our strategy. Nothing is more valuable in my opinion.

So what were people saying? Basically that the convergence of enterprise-viewing solutions coupled with market demand will make 2014 a game changing year! They see healthcare organizations poised to make a big impact on their operations by a) dramatically decreasing the time it takes to access images, b) more quickly attaining second opinions, c) improving patient communication and d) significantly reducing costs. We also received excellent feedback on our preview of ResolutionMD 4.0. The non-DICOM data support and scalability improvements showed our commitment to being the number one enterprise-viewer and that the features we’re adding are hitting the mark!

Based on this feedback, I am more confident than ever that our strategy to image-enable enterprises around the world and provide practitioners more flexibility is right on target. I heard from numerous partners and healthcare organizations that they are ready to arm their staff with web and mobile solutions that provide faster access to patient records and images. In the case of Intermountain Healthcare, their users are accessing images faster with our technology and are currently rolling ResolutionMD out to over 10,000 users. We also heard how excited they are to gain access to our collaboration capability so their physicians can better communicate with peers and patients. I’m pleased that our solution is making a significant impact and is bringing real value to their organization.

In addition to the feedback on our technology strategy, I was also very pleased to get feedback on many other aspects of our business. Comments like “your website is amazing!” to “we strongly believe in you guys, always have!” encourage us to continue to excel in our business. I continue to be very impressed with our team and their drive to succeed! 

2014 is going to be a significant year for Calgary Scientific and our partners. I believe that the clinical capabilities we have brought to market, coupled with our global diagnostic accreditations have allowed us to position ResolutionMD as the best choice for organizations looking to provide fast access with the ability to not just view, also diagnose—saving time, cost and most importantly, lives.


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