Medical Device MVP: System Design

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 1:44pm
Renjith Ponnappan, Product Manager, eInfochips

What makes a medical device design stand out most? Electrical engineers and mechanical engineers will clamor that it is the hardware. In immediate retort, software engineers yell back that it is their software. We asked 35 medical device designers what they thought, and the results indicate a standout design is the sum of the engineering parts – systems design. In our survey, over 60% said it is the combination of hardware and software that makes their medical devices special. The next highest was hardware design at 15.4%. In two other survey questions we asked what set of technical skills and experiences were most important to a medical devices’ success, and what technical skill and experience set was most highly compensated. In both cases, the answer with the most responses was System Design.

Every manufacturer needs great hardware engineers and great software engineers who love what they do. But the MVPs are the system designers who understand multiple disciplines and put it all together into a great system.

[Note: This is the fourth blog in a series of four; click here to see the first part, here for the second part, and here for the third part.]


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