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Atlas Vac Machine, LLC

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Atlas Vac Machine, LLC has now added an All Electric Model to its line of medical device or pharmaceutical tray and blister sealers.  The All Electric Model 1830 provides supreme down-force control and repeatability unmatched by any other pneumatic sealer.

All Atlas Vac sealers are available with: OSHA compliant light curtains; PLC controls for assured validation, electric shuttle technology for ultrasmooth movement; calibration ports for time, temperature, and pressure; heaviest cross section heater design for even heat distribution; and anodized single-piece CNC precision tooling nests.  Tray sealers for the packaging engineer with once chance to get it right!

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All Electric Medical Device Tray Sealer

The new Atlas Vac All Electric model, which is available in traditional 18:30 format with single or...
Mailing Address:
9150 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
United States

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