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Interface Catheter Solutions

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Interface  Catheter Solutions provides a vertically integrated approach in balloon catheter manufacturing to maintain repeatable and consistent production processes for high quality, high yield balloon catheters.  From concept development and prototyping, custom extrusion, welds, folding and wrapping, to full-scale production equipment, Interface Catheter Solutions has refined the art of process engineering with material science in the development of 2,300+ balloon designs. Interface is ISO 13485:2003 certified and operates multiple cleanrooms.

Vertically Integrated Core Technologies

·         Balloon development

·         Balloon manufacturing

·         Precision extrusion

·         Weld development

·         Folding and wrapping development

·         Swaging development

·         Inspection – performance testing

·         Tech transfer

Company Products


Balloon Manufacturing

Balloon production capabilities cover all phases of manufacturing including prototyping to complete...