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InterTech Development Company provides medical device and medical product manufacturers with turnkey leak testing solutions and superior custom leak detector instrumentation that ensures ISO 13485:2003, and all FDA requirements for GMP.

Unlike off-the-shelf mass produced leak detectors, InterTech’s patented nondestructive testing instrumentation for FDA-regulated manufacturers is optimized for GMP manufacturing environments, and proven to be the most cost-effective test technology for a wide range of medical devices and medical products such as catheters, dialysis equipment, medical check valves, syringes, laparoscopic instruments, IV bags, oxygen regulators, implanted medical devices, artificial valves, home care technology, and more.

InterTech’s testing applications laboratory designs turnkey test solutions—for prototype development and for cost-effective assembly & test operations—both fully automated or in semi-automated production lines in globally distributed manufacturing facilities. InterTech's worldwide organization has hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia and service engineers are on call in the USA, France, Germany, Korea, and China for installation, assistance and training.

InterTech Development Company is ISO 9001 registered and InterTech’s Calibration Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited.



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Leak Detector

InterTech’s cost-effective solutions for medical device testing ensure compliance to GMP quality...
Mailing Address:
7401 N. Linder Ave.
Skokie, Illinois 60077
United States

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