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Qosina is a worldwide supplier of thousands of stock OEM components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries including connectors, luers, caps, clamps, adapters, stopcocks, valves, swabs, spikes and tubing. Qosina offers free samples, low minimums and Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery. Purchasing from Qosina saves you time and money by eliminating tooling costs and providing immediate delivery of in-stock solutions based on the specific needs of your project. We can modify any existing component to meet your needs or build new tooling to meet your exact requirements. We are also ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Contact us today for a copy of our catalog.

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Qosina Stopcocks

Qosina carries an extensive line of stopcocks in inventory and ready for immediate delivery....

Qosina Check Valves

Qosina offers an extensive line of Check Valves. High-Flow valves feature low flow resistance, low...

Swabbable Needleless Injection Sites from Qosina

Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of swabbable non-latex needleless injection sites....