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WuXi AppTec

About the Company

WuXi AppTec is a leading global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device outsourcing company that – research-driven and customer-focused – provides a broad and integrated portfolio of laboratory and manufacturing services. For medical devices and combination products, WuXi AppTec offers comprehensive testing programs featuring a wide menu of R&D, GLP- and GMPcompliant testing programs that can be tailored to suit particular needs at every stage of product development.

Medical Devices and Combination Products

WuXi AppTec’s comprehensive menu of services will be adapted to best meet your particular needs, helping you achieve the data you require to ensure successful submissions and speed products to market. Our industry-recognized experts can provide the support essential to making smart development and regulatory testing decisions – from product concept to post-commercialization.

Service areas include:
• Materials Selection & Evaluation
• Product Efficacy & Materials Performance
• Materials Characterization (Chemistry)
• Risk Assessment
• Biocompatibility
• Toxicology
• Sterilization/Inactivation Validation
• Package Integrity Validation
• Raw Material Verification
• Lot Release Testing