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October 2012 Digital Edition

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 2:46pm

In the October issue, the cover feature, Balloon-Forming Innovations Improve Quality and Reduce Cost, highlights a number of innovative technologies that are being offered to help balloon manufacturers ensure their products are defect-free the first time.

This round-up, A Matter of Materials, features three new materials that are impacting medical device manufacturing in the areas of adhesives/coatings, molding, and extrusion.

In Motors Take on Cancer, multiple devices were incorporated, including 180 motors, to shape gamma ray radiation therapy beams, controlled by one interlinked motion control system

Since more OEMs are seeking greater capabilities from their extrusion supply partners, the staff-written Extrusion: Beyond Simple Tubing piece looks at device development as it relates to extrusion capabilities.

Discover an innovative technique—Microstructure Engineering— which enables a surface treatment to be accomplished during the component fabrication process, providing an alternative to coatings.

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