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January/February 2013 Digital Edition

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 11:36am
MDT Staff

Click here or the cover to view the January/February 2013 digital edition.The remote patient monitoring field is a rapidly growing one given the advantages it offers for home healthcare, remote regions, and elderly care. However, with it comes a long list of considerations and critical issues for designers and engineers to keep in mind. The cover story examines this area.

The extrusion of medical tubing can be a relatively "simple" task or it can present a number of challenges; it all depends on the application, materials to be used, etc. This article focuses on single lumen tubing and take a walk through a selection of the options available.

"The Symphony of Surgical Robotics" looks at what engineers need to understand regarding the motion control technology that makes surgical robots function.

"Designing Micro Parts with High Volume Production in Mind" highlights the advantages of stamping for medical device component fabrication as an alternative to molding or machining.

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