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March 2013 Digital Edition

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 11:40am
MDT Staff

Click here or on the cover to browse MDT's March 2013 Digital Edition.Ingestible medical devices offer a convenient, non-invasive method of healthcare; however, the sensitive electronics must be protected. "Coating for Consumption" highlights a coating technology that is being used to guarantee such protection is provided.

Medical adhesives are often relied upon to provide the critical linkage between the body and a medical device. In "Adhesives: Managing the Skin/Device Interface," how adhesives manage a host of factors at play at the skin/device interface is reviewed.

The capabilities and functionality lasers offer to both design engineers as well as healthcare professionals is varied and beneficial. "A Laser's Role in Medicine" looks at the advantages lasers offer in the development of medical devices.

With new unique device identification labeling rules on the way for medical devices, "UDI Inspection Guidelines" helps make engineers aware of what impact they may have prior to them being mandatory.

Click here to browse MDT's March 2013 Digital Edition.



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