Hitachi, Osaki collaborate on smart grid

Tue, 06/01/2010 - 4:44am

Specifically, the two companies will complement one another by leveraging their respective strengths-Hitachi in systems and communications technologies and Osaki in meter technologies-to provide total AMI solutions for the global market. These global solutions will encompass everything from electronic meters equipped with AMI-related communications functions, access and core networks, and systems for the collection and management of meter information, to products in electricity distribution and operating systems fields. Furthermore, in the future, Hitachi and Osaki will evaluate joint participation in smart grid-related demonstration projects in Japan and overseas, as well as joint development of related equipment and systems.

Realizing a low-carbon society is not only a worldwide issue, but necessary in the battle to combat global warming. Therefore, creating such a society will require the construction of next-generation power grids that are flexible by controlling the flow of electricity. These new grids will improve the longstanding requirements of safety and efficiency and also monitor electricity consumption and generation, balancing diversifying energy supply methods such as wind and solar power generation with the widening demand for all-electric housing, electric vehicle systems, and other applications.

The alliance between Hitachi and Osaki will make possible the provision of integrated AMI-related solutions, which are expected to grow in the future as a core segment in the smart grid business. Harnessing both companies' technologies, the alliance will further enhance the efficiency and reliability of electricity power distribution systems, thereby contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society.



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