MEMFIS ? an out of plane translatory MEMS actuator with large stroke for optical path length modulation

Fri, 06/25/2010 - 4:41pm

At Micromachine/MEMS 2010, in Tokyo, Fraunhofer IPMS presen¬ts for the first time a translatory MOEMS actuator with extraordinary large stroke– especially developed for fast optical path length modulation in miniaturized FTIR-spectrometers. A precise translational out-of-plane oscillation at 500 Hz with large stroke of up to 1 mm and large mirror aperture of 19.6 mm² is realized by means of a new MEMS design. The novel translatory MOEMS actuator was specially designed to enable a miniaturized MEMS based FTIR spectrometer with improved system performance of 5 cm-1 spectral resolution (Lambda=2.5…16 µm), SNR > 1000 and fast operation of ≥500 scans/s.

The new translatory MEMS actuator comprises four symmetric pantographs to suspend the mirror plate. As a result extraordinary large strokes of up to +/- 1 mm are achieved for the 5 mm diameter mirror. This enables a completely new family of low cost handheld FTIR analyzers e.g. for on-site inspection of food or environmental parameters. We acknowledge financial support by the European Commission in the context of the FP7 project MEMFIS.



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