Dr. Nie Wentao's New Method of Diabetic Nutrition Interventions

Wed, 07/14/2010 - 9:45am

YINCHUAN, China, July 14 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Recently, Xinhua Website reported about Dr. Nie Wentao's nutrition intervention technology for type 1 diabetes mellitus. Dr. Nie Wentao's diabetic treatment technology is becoming a mainstream technology for diabetes treatment, so it aroused widespread concern in China. Dr. Nie Wentao, having engaged in the study of nutrition interventions on diabetes mellitus for a long period, has great influence in the field of diabetes treatment in China. As for his nutrition intervention technology, two main aspects can be divided: one is, he is an advocate of a patient's grain consumption depending on the individual's need, not on a pre-set limit; the other is, he designed a new food of special nutritional combination for diabetic patients, named Sanghuangzi, as a method of nutrition intervention. Using Dr. Nie Wentao's nutrition intervention technology in type 2 diabetes, diabetic complications and type 1 diabetes, excellent results are achieved.

Nutrition interventions for type 2 diabetes mellitus

The mechanism of blood glucose self-regulation is used for caring for the human body, and needs to be established on the basis of sensitive reaction to changes in the body's state. If you use other means to forcibly lower blood glucose, the monitor and control mechanism of blood glucose in the body will gradually lose its effect. Therefore, under the action of hypoglycemic drugs, blood sugar gradually takes orders from the drugs, not from the body condition, and the body cannot recover from the disease.

The applications of grain intervention and Sanghuangzi tablets as a method of combined nutrition interventions are beneficial in keeping blood sugar steady. 50 patients with diabe




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