ESiP: New consortium in Europe to develop highly integrated SiP solutions

Thu, 08/05/2010 - 12:36am

The semiconductor specialist is leading the ESiP (Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package Integration) project, under which are 40 microelectronics companies and research institutions from across Europe.

The aim of ESiP is to investigate the reliability of new production processes and materials required to build a SiP. The project will also involve developing new methods for error analysis and testing. The results of the project will in future be used in applications ranging from electric vehicles and medical equipment to communication technology devices.

According to Infineon, SiP technologies are base technologies for future microelectronics systems and will make complete technical solutions possible - such as microcameras in the smallest of spaces in one SiP package. Infineon's contribution to the ESiP project is to further develop system integration solutions comprising several microchips and improve them in terms of failure analysis, reliability and testability.

The total budget for ESiP amounts to around €35million across Europe, with half of the total being financed over three years by the 40 project partners. Two thirds of the other half will be provided by European national funding organisations and a third by the European Union. €3.1million will be invested by the German government, as part of its Information and Communications Technology 2020 program.

The project will run until April 2013.




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