Increasing Prevalence of Respiratory Diseases Drives Growth for Ventilators Market

Fri, 09/17/2010 - 7:47am
Wellingborough (September 2010) – A new report from InMedica ( on the world market for ventilators and accessories, estimated that the total market was worth $2.3 billion in 2009. The “pandemic purchasing” in 2009 softened the overall blow of the economic recession. As the longer term effects of the global recession are expected to be realised in the next few years, the fall-out is forecast to negatively affect healthcare budgets. As such, healthcare spending will be restrained, with capital purchases limited to essential purchasing only. Whilst minimal growth is forecast for mature markets such as critical care ventilators, there are still opportunities in emerging market segments such as home care ventilators.

“The ageing population has led to a larger proportion of patients requiring long-term care, further increasing healthcare expenditure. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic respiratory diseases account for more than four million deaths a year, which may have otherwise been preventable. It is suggested that as more people are living longer they are more susceptible to develop chronic diseases” reported Kelly Barritt, Market Research Analyst at InMedica.  “This is increasing the demand for facilities that can offer assistance in the long-term treatment of respiratory disease”.

Consequently, there is growing pressure on governments to find ways to improve the health of the population, whilst reducing the financial burden. With an increasing number of patients requiring longer term ventilation, there is a trend for patients to be transferred from the hospital into long-term care facilities. Coupled with the rising prevalence of respiratory diseases such as COPD and sleep apnea, demand for home care ventilation is expanding. Uptake of home care ventilation has been higher in the developed regions due to the infrastructure and support required. As the hospital segment establishes in developing regions, more focus will be paid to the home care market globally. The global market for home care ventilators is forecast to grow at a compound-average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% from 2009 to 2014.

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