Crossbow technology releases next generation MEMS AHRS with remote magnetometer

Thu, 11/04/2010 - 9:38am

CRM500 Remote Magnetometer extends the use of the highly successful AHRS500 into the most challenging aircraft installations. CRM500 is FAA certified for TSO C6d with AHRS500 and is already in production.

The highly integrated AHRS500 is being widely deployed in multiple avionics applications. As we deployed AHRS500 in multiple aircrafts, we realized that in some fixed wing and helicopter applications, it was specifically beneficial to have the magnetometer separated from the main unit to enable reliable performance. The unit is ideal for installation in aircraft tail or wing. CRM500 comes in multiple form factors and configurations to enable easy “plug n play” upgrades from the existing Floated Flux Gate sensor systems.

“We are excited about the launch of the next generation AHRS system. It will widely extend the aircraft where Crossbow’s state-of-the-art electronic MEMS sensor technology is deployed,” said Mike Horton, President and CEO of Crossbow Technology. “It continues to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and establishing leadership in the avionics sensors market.”

The Crossbow AHRS500GA is a high performance, solid-state attitude and heading reference system intended for general aviation aircraft. This high reliability inertial system provides attitude and heading measurement with static and dynamic accuracy superior to traditional spinning mass vertical and directional gyros. Crossbow is the first to offer the General Aviation pilot the reliability of solid-state MEMS sensors in a low cost AHRS that meets all the FAA TSO certification requirements. The AHRS500 is designed for the future and has passed the tough new multiple lightning strike test as part of its qualification testing. This makes it ideal for the new generation of panels.

Crossbow Technology is also offering a training seminar and workshop on the evolution of the gyro and AHRS technology from vacuum and electric gyros to MEMS-based solid state AHRS at the AEA show in Dallas on April 30 at 1:00PM. Attendees will be taught how to install, maintain, and calibrate AHRS systems for EFIS displays. Crossbow Technology is exhibiting at the AEA show in Dallas, Texas.



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