[FPDI/GD] AUO exhibits organic EL panel for lighting

Mon, 11/15/2010 - 4:42pm

The luminance efficiency of the panel is as high as 50lm/W. As a module, it measures 314 x 333mm and is 1.6mm thick. The size of its light-emitting part is 245 x 295mm. The luminance, color temperature and color rendering index (CRI) of the warm color panel are 1,500cd/m2, 3,000K and more than 80, respectively.

Though the details were not revealed, AUO formed the light emitting layer by combining a phosphorescent organic EL material and a fluorescent organic EL material. And an optical sheet was attached to the surface of the panel. By using these methods, the high luminance efficiency was realized, the company said.

AUO also exhibited a white organic EL panel that does not use an optical sheet. But its luminance efficiency is 20lm/W, which is about half that of the panel using the optical sheet.

Fig1: AUO's organic EL panel for lighting. The panel with a luminance efficiency of 50lm/W (left) and the panel with an improved CRI (right).

AUO is currently developing a white organic EL panel that has an even higher CRI. And it showcased the panel at the company's booth. Though AUO declined to disclose the detailed specifications of the panel, it said that the CRI of the daylight color panel was improved at the sacrifice of its luminance efficiency.



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