LeukoDx retains thinXXS to develop its Microfluidics cartridge

Mon, 11/22/2010 - 10:37pm

LeukoDx is focused on exploiting the power of flowcytometry and dramatically expanding its use for diagnostics by developing affordable and simple to use micro-flowcytometer systems. The Point of Care systems developed by LeukoDx combine a small footprint reading instrument and compact single use test cartridges. LeukoDx is currently focused on developing a sepsis diagnosis and monitoring test based on CD64 neutrophil activation, an early and specific sepsis marker. Rapid clinical decision in patient settings such as neonatal intensive care units, critical care areas and emergency rooms are critical to improving the outcomes for sepsis as well as controlling the huge economic impact of sepsis on healthcare systems. The current state of the art technology is not able to provide the answers required by physicians reliably and timely.

Julien Meissonnier, President and CEO of LeukoDx, stated: "We made an extensive effort to search for a strong technology development partner for our microfluidics cartridge and are pleased to collaborate with thinXXS Microtechnology for this purpose. The fact that thinXXS is not only a world class designer of diagnostics devices but also intends to function as an OEM for that part of our system made them a particularly attractive partner."

Dieter Cronauer, Executive Board Member of thinXXS Microtechnology AG, stated: "We are very glad to work with LeukoDx on such an innovative platform technology for medical diagnostics. Micro-flowcytometry addresses a broad range of future applications and is ideally suited to bring in our expertise in developing and producing cost-effective microfluidic disposables in plastics."

About LeukoDx

LeukoDx's mission is to become the world leader in actionable diagnostic information at the point of care with its novel micro-flowcytometry technology platform. Working towards this goal, the company is today developing compact flowcytometry readers for single use test-specific cartridges. The first test application is for sepsis, a leading killer worldwide with high mortality rates and no rapid, reliable diagnostic test. The company will enter the market via neonatal sepsis testing, where the patient population is even more vulnerable and the LeukoDx test addresses the unmet need very well. LeukoDx was created in 2009 and is based on novel technology developed for NASA by CalTech. In 2010, LeukoDx entered into an exclusive license agreement with TrilliumDx to develop a Point of Care version of the Leuko64 CD64 neutrophil activation early sepsis detection and sepsis treatment monitoring test.

About thinXXS

thinXXS Microtechnology develops and produces disposable microfluidic devices from plastics for the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, analytical, and medical industries. thinXXS develops customer specific solutions for applications in immunology, clinical chemistry, DNA analytic or cell based research. thinXXS' service is based upon know-how and long-time experience in the fields of microsystem technology. Its team of highly trained scientists, engineers and designers work closely with its customers to develop -- with the aid of state-of-the-art developing tools and a high precision manufacturing technology -- customized solutions on the basis of integrated quality management.



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