Next Generation of MEMS gyroscopes and inertial combo sensors from SensorDynamics

Wed, 02/02/2011 - 6:38am


SensorDynamics is a well known manufacturer of automotive grade MEMS gyroscopes and inertial combo sensors such as SD721 (single axis gyroscope), SD755 (gyroscope plus accelerometer) and SD78x family (gyroscope plus 3D accelerometer) mainly for Rollover and ESC. Driven by these applications considerable advances in reduction of manufacturing costs, package size and power consumption have been made.

With the new family of gyroscopes in QFN package, namely SD705 (in-plane single axis gyroscope), SD706 (out-of- plane single axis gyroscope), SD742 (dual axis gyroscope), SD740 (3D gyroscope) and SD746 (3D gyroscope plus 3D accelerometer) SensorDynamics now applies this know how to the non-automotive market where many new applications are arising. For instance, today, even small handheld devices have enough computing power to handle the signals of several inertial sensors for solving complex tasks like gesture recognition. Consequently, SensorDynamics today provides a fully integrated 6DoF-IMU  in a tiny 6x6x1.2 mm QFN40 package with a moderate power consumption of only 16 mW for the consumer market.



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