MicroVision announces opening of research and development facility at NTU

Thu, 04/14/2011 - 10:37pm

A company known as MicroVision which specializes in laser and ultra-miniature display technologies is out to show the world how lasers can be used to actually make something practical for the needs of the consumer, military, industrial and healthcare segments. And to that end, MicroVision has announced its first ever global R&D centre at Nanyang Technological University.

Lasers make great toys, do they not? After all, most of us would have at one point of time been infatuated with those little laser pointers that seemingly need so little energy to project a coherent beam of red light that is capable of maintaining its integrity for what is easily a hundred metres without pettering out, unlike a regular torchlight. Then came the introduction of more powerful, lighsaber-lookalike laser pointers that featured more powerful laser diodes with colours aside than red, and geeks were instantly in heaven with their new toys.



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