Telemedicine Company Introduces Virtual Care Model That Allows Hospitals and Clinics to Deliver 24/7 Access to Care, Ensure Cost-Appropriate Settings and Attract New Patients

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 7:45am
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LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb 20, 2012-- Consult A Doctor, an innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services and delivery platforms, today announced the availability of MyHospital 24/7, a revolutionary platform that allows hospitals and health systems to offer fast, affordable access to physicians or to Consult A Doctor's national network of physicians via phone, secure email, video or mobile app.

"Telemedicine addresses so many of the healthcare industry's biggest problems-from the billions of dollars spent annually on unnecessary, inappropriate or wasteful care to the shortage of primary care physicians across the country-it is no wonder that it is attracting so much attention from the healthcare community and funding world," said Wolf Shlagman, founder and CEO, Consult A Doctor. "For hospitals, MyHospital 24/7 will drive referrals, add new revenue streams and increase patient satisfaction all while reducing the overall cost of care. With the addition of these new products, Consult A Doctor now offers telemedicine solutions for providers, health plans, employers and patients." Benefits for Hospitals, Health Systems and Clinics With MyHospital 24/7, hospitals are better equipped to meet healthcare reform goals, extend patient access and attract new patients from a broader geographic area while generating new streams of revenue.

Additional benefits for healthcare organizations include: -- Expanded reach: healthcare organizations are able to gain new patients and referrals by providing enhanced access and services to patients beyond the traditional 10-mile radius limitation-with telemedicine, geographic and physical boundaries are eliminated, giving patients access to a virtual medical consultation from anywhere, and if needed, a referral to a healthcare professional for additional treatment -- Enhanced physician relationships: hospitals are able to enhance relationships with community physicians, resulting in increased admissions, referrals, diagnostics and other ancillary services -- Additional revenue: providers generate incremental revenue as they are compensated for medical consultations conducted via phone, email, video or mobile application -- ACO-preparedness: organizations seeking to manage costs in a bundled or global payment environment can use this solution to ensure the most appropriate, cost-effective level of care settings Reduced cost of care: by minimizing the barriers to care, hospitals are able to decrease the number of post-operative complications and related readmissions Benefits for Providers MyHospital 24/7 facilitates new revenue streams for providers and reduces organizational costs, all while empowering physicians to practice medicine in a convenient, efficient manner. Additional benefits for providers include: -- Expand Services: physicians are able to access and treat patients from anywhere, at any time, via phone, secure email or video-restrictions based on physical boundaries of their office no longer exist -- Comprehensive coverage: physicians have the option of tapping into Consult A Doctor's national, 24/7/365 network of on-call physicians for after hours, overflow or out-of-state coverage -- Enhanced care management: the HIPAA-secure telemedicine platform helps physicians deliver the most informed, efficient care possible with an integrated dashboard that displays comprehensive medical records and prescribing history for each patient consult Benefits for Patients Telemedicine not only dramatically reduces healthcare costs for hospitals and providers; it significantly reduces out-of-pocket costs for patients by providing more appropriate, accessible and affordable level of care settings. Additional benefits for patients include: -- 24/7 physician access: patients have 24/7 access to U.S. board certified physicians from anywhere via phone, email, video and mobile app meaning they can be treated at the convenience of their home or office-regardless of their geographic location -- Faster care, healthier patients: access to proper healthcare services at any time, from anywhere often means shortening the duration and severity of illness -- Interactive patient portal: patients have access to a comprehensive patient portal that features a full suite of interactive health management and wellness resources and tools that helps patients better manage their health plus a complete consult center where they can schedule appointments and manage their medical history MyClinic 24/7 Today Consult A Doctor also announced the availability of MyClinic 24/7, a version of the cloud-based telemedicine solution designed to meet the needs of medical clinics, including urgent care clinics and ambulatory centers. Like MyHospital 24/7, this solution gives clinics the ability to attract and retain a loyal patient base by offering a wider range of affordable access options, while generating additional revenue for providers.

"I founded the retail clinic mode to enable more efficient, appropriate care settings that could be accessed by patients and providers outside of standard doctor's office hours," said Dr. Doug Smith, chief medical officer, Consult A Doctor and co-founder, MinuteClinic. "MyHospital 24/7 and MyClinic24/7 support the goals that were at the genesis of the retail clinic model and then elevate them to the next level of convenience, access and affordability." TeleCare 3.0 Platform Powered by Consult A Doctor's TeleCare 3.0 cloud-based platform, MyHospital 24/7 and MyClinic 24/7 give healthcare organizations the freedom to improve access and convenience for patients while offering a significant revenue benefit to providers. The highly scalable TeleCare 3.0 platform meets the highest standards for security and HIPAA compliance, is SAS 70 Level II certified and easily integrates with existing systems. The platform also includes the following: Features: -- Telemedicine platform and communication center -- Marketing and patient enrollment website -- EMR and clinical tools -- Online scheduling and secure messaging -- Mobile application, phone, online and video consults -- Patient portal and Personal Health Manager -- 24/7 Doctor On-Call Hotline for patients -- Request and refill e-Prescription and eLabs -- Online Personal Health Record -- Health library and wellness tools Benefits: -- Clinically-centric framework library -- Management support for multiple, long lasting clinical encounters within a proprietary work flow environment -- Adaptable and agile process changes with minimum deployment costs via a high-performance rules engine -- Flexible scheduling facility that offers a variety of provider/service time definitions -- Ability for clinics and providers to create service definitions, pricing and provider requirements as well as routing rules through the customizable service definition feature -- Adaptable service definitions that enable the customization of pre-consult requirements and post-consult disposition details MyHospital 24/7 and MyClinic 24/7 are the latest additions to a suite of cloud-based telemedicine solutions from Consult A Doctor which includes a telemedicine solution configurable for physician practices (MyPractice 24/7) and a forthcoming solution designed to support health plans. To learn more about Consult A Doctor's telemedicine solutions, visit the company at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society's (HIMSS) conference from February 21-23 in Las Vegas in booth ?13850.

About Consult A Doctor Consult A Doctor is the leading innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services and technology platform solutions empowering organizations to lower healthcare costs, provide revolutionary access and improve outcomes. With years of experience delivering direct-to-employer and consumer telemedicine services that offer convenient 24/7 access to doctor consultations by phone, email and video, Consult a Doctor has saved employers millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs, and added millions of dollars of productivity to the bottom line by helping keep employees at work and healthy. Its telemedicine network of U.S. board certified physicians in all 50 states has made it possible to give on-demand care, anytime, anywhere with access to medically-equivalent care in the lowest cost setting. Consult A Doctor is further transforming the economic equation of care by partnering with payers, providers and other organizations to deploy its telemedicine platform solution that grants its members and patients unmatched access to quality care, offers a new revenue source for providers, and lowers costs for health plans, employers and groups.

For more information about Consult A Doctor, please visit, email or call 888-688-DOCT (3628).



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