Itamar-Medical Launches Next-Generation, Cardiovascular Health Assessment Platform

Thu, 03/22/2012 - 11:41am
CAESAREA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Itamar-Medical, the leading provider of diagnostic devices for cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea based on its proprietary PAT® signal technology, will unveil its cardiovascular healthcare assessment platform, EndoPAT-MF, at the upcoming American College of Cardiology Conference in Chicago.

Multi-function EndoPAT-MF now features 5 major diagnostic tools in a single system. In addition to providing (1) the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive measure of Endothelial Function, now also features (2) Augmentation Index (measuring arterial stiffness) and (3) Heart Rate Variability (offering a window onto the Autonomic Nervous System), as well as (4) leading Risk Score calculators (Framingham, Reynolds and SCORE) and (5) an integrated web-based platform, EndoCloud, to provide seamless and efficient patient diagnosis information transfer in a timely manner.

"The fact that heart disease starts in the arteries and blood vessels makes EndoPAT a critical tool for early detection and continued physiological assessment of the health of the vascular system. More than half of all sudden cardiac deaths occur with no previous symptoms and cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading health risk in the U.S. Our continued enhancements to EndoPAT offer a significant value in this next-generation tool set for early detection and analysis for patient, payer, provider, and physician," said Marvin Slosman, US President Itamar-Medical Inc.

Multi-function EndoPAT-MF will be available upon meeting the regulatory requirements in each of the international geographies. The integrated platform will enable all users to benefit from convenience and cost savings by performing the diagnostic tasks of several devices on a single, unified platform.

"Our EndoPAT technology provides easy access for these next generation diagnostic modalities, thus adding tremendous value to what is rapidly becoming the standard of care in detection of cardiovascular disease," said Efrat Litman, Vice President R&D.


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