Meridian Companies Announces 'LipoLaser' Lawsuit Ends

Thu, 03/22/2012 - 11:39am
VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Meridian Companies ("Meridian"), a medical device company focused on the manufacturing and distribution of wellness and medical devices, is pleased to announce that the lawsuit between Meridian and Erchonia Corporation (Erchonia) has ended.

In 2007, Erchonia, a company based out of McKinney, Texas, took legal action against Meridian for the trademark term "LipoLaser". In 2009, the United States District Court in New York awarded summary judgment in favor of Meridian, as Erchonia failed to provide any evidence to support their claims. Since the 2009 decision, Erchonia has made many attempts to appeal the courts decision through the US Court of Appeals for the second circuit in New York; however, all attempted appeals by Erchonia were awarded in Meridians favor. In March 2010, the magistrate recommended that Meridian be awarded costs and attorney fees incurred during this process, which was also appealed by Erchonia, and again awarded in favor of Meridian.

"We believe this lawsuit was frivolous to begin with, and the courts were very critical of Erchonia and rightfully determined that there was no merit to these allegations," says Robert J Krznaric, President of Meridian Medical. "This process has taken five long years and required a great deal of time from our court system; it has placed a great deal of pressure on everyone involved. We are now focusing on moving forward. I would like to thank all parties that helped us through this long, drawn-out process."

Meridian Co. Ltd.

Guided by an ideology dedicated to the creation of health, wellness and human respect, Meridian Co. Ltd. has become an international public company with a global brand. Meridian continues to promote its flagship products, including the DPA and Lapex, to expand its share in the global marketplace and further secure the company's position as a leading manufacturer of healthcare devices. The Meridian brand name manufactures a range of FDA approved and CE certified products. Visit to learn more.


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