Stander's LifeStrength Wristband Wins Award for Innovation at Spring Medtrade 2012 Product Show

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 5:26am
LOGAN, Utah/PRNewswire/ -- While negative ion technology has been questioned in the past, Stander's LifeStrength wristband blew skeptics away at the Spring Medtrade 2012 Product Show, winning the Innovation Award for Best New Product. The LifeStrength wristband was one of three award-winning Stander products.

Medtrade officials were quoted stating that, "Utah-based Stander won the Innovation Award for its multiple creative home mobility products for seniors ..."

Stander's background in innovation is what drove the developers of the LifeStrength Power Band to approach them about a partnership. "Stander has been at the forefront of innovation for years," said Josh Taylor, Director of Development at LifeStrength. "It seemed like the perfect fit."

With a history of scientifically proven products, Stander was eager to look into the development of the LifeStrength Power Band. "LifeStrength was able to harness a proven technology in a way no one else has," said Jan Miller, CEO of Stander. "The LifeStrength Power Band produces almost four times the amount of anions as any other powerband on the market."

Negative Ion technology isn't new, with research studies concerning the positive impact of exposure to negative ions dating back to the 1960s. Recently however, products like Stander's LifeStrength Powerbands have successfully harnessed the benefits of negative ion technology, enabling anyone wearing the wristband to benefit from the high doses of anions emitted by each band. "Many of our customers suffering from a variety of ailments have reported improvements," said Jan. "Anything with so many benefits will represent the Stander name well."


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