Stander's Medi HYDRA PAK Wins Innovation Award at Spring Medtrade 2012 Product Show

Tue, 05/15/2012 - 5:29am
LOGAN, Utah/PRNewswire/ -- With an arsenal of new and unique products to start the 2012 year, Stander Inc., leading maker of senior home safety devices, entered the Spring Medtrade 2012 product show with high expectations. They left with bragging rights, as three of their products won major awards, including the Innovation Award for Best New Product for the Medi HYRDA PAK.

Medtrade officials were quoted stating that "Utah-based Stander won the Innovation Award for its multiple creative home mobility products for seniors and/or disabled."

Stander had much more than bragging rights at stake. "Ever since my Grandma Essie inspired me to start this company, our primary goal has been to produce quality products that family and loved ones can rely on," said Jan Miller, Stander founder and CEO. "Awards like this help validate the time and research we put into every product," said Miller.

The Medi HYDRA PAK has a 2-liter capacity and is directly accessible to the patient 24 hours a day. "Dehydration - which further complicates illnesses - is a severe problem, often because patients lack access to fluids," said Candace Makowski, co-inventor of the technology behind the Medi HYDRA PAK.

Studies show that dehydration is the most common fluid and electrolyte imbalance in elderly people. One study showed 34 percent of nursing home residents admitted to hospitals for acute illness were diagnosed with dehydration. "The Medi HYDRA PAK is a simple solution to a very dangerous problem," said Miller. "We are eager to provide patients with this critical and potentially life-saving product," added Miller.


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