FDA scientist's lawsuit history raises eyebrows

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 12:47pm
Mass Device

The FDA scientist behind allegations of in-house surveillance and overlooked safety concerns at the federal watchdog agency is no stranger to lawsuits.

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One of the whistle-blowing scientists who accused the FDA of persecuting and spying on employees has a few lawsuits under his belt, a charge that may damage his credibility in an ongoing case against the federal watchdog agency.

Radiologist Dr. Robert Smith, a member of the so-called "FDA 9," joined colleagues in suing the FDA and its leadership for alleged retaliation against them when they raised questions agency decisions about some mammogram and colonoscopy systems.

The staffers allege that the FDA spied on the private email accounts they accessed using their government-issued computers, after they warned Congress and the president that unsafe medical devices were being allowed onto the U.S. market.


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