Hacking Healthcare: "There's really no excuse for designing crappy, insecure systems"

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 4:11pm
Mass Device

Cybersecurity experts decry the lax security in medical devices and warn that the information stored in the machines – not to mention their ability to affect someone's health – may draw a dangerous crowd.

hacking healthcare

Manufacturers that are building greater accessibility and interconnectedness into their devices are playing with fire when it comes to cyber-security, security experts told last weekend at the Def Con hackers' conference in Las Vegas.

The intersection between cyberspace and the physical world – the so-called "Internet of things" – presents a host of dangers as well as opportunities.

Cyber-criminals with the skills and motivation can steal private health information and alter the treatment programming of life-saving devices, possibly harming or even killing someone from a distance.


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