Global medical device company Philips Healthcare recalls its Xcelera Connect patient data exchange system over a flaw that may lose cardiology data and result in incorrect patient diagnoses and treatment decisions.

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Philips Healthcare (NYSE:PHG) recalled its Xcelera Connect cardiovascular patient data reporting system after the company discovered a flaw that could result in patient misdiagnosis and improper treatment decisions.

The problem arose from a software defect in the Xcelera system, which transmits data from an ultrasound cardiologic lab to the patient's electronic medical record. When healthcare providers used the "enter" key to create a line break in the data, everything below that line break was sometimes stripped from the final record.

The system does not indicate that there is data was missing, so a physician using the record to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment may be doing so without knowing the full scope of the problem, the Wall Street Journal reported.