LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 23, 2013--Healthcare advertising is seeing more medical device companies going direct to consumers thanks to the effectiveness of the Internet in reaching people looking for answers online to their medical conditions. This has made it important for medical device manufacturers to speak in the voice of the consumer, many for the first time.

For that reason, 3v07 Medical Advertising developed a quantifiable way to choose the words that best communicate with each audience. Jeffrey Moore, Owner and Creative Director at 3v07, says, “What the market needed was the ability to mitigate risk and be very effective in communicating in layman’s language the benefits of a device or procedure. This alone can be the key differentiator in a patient’s request for your product or procedure.” “ Social anthropology does just that, by taking the language used every day by people talking about either their condition or the solution, and puts that language into context that a brand can own,” Moore went on to say. “When 3v07 did this for breast implants we found that women talked about finding a plastic surgeon, but when they had selected one, that became their doctor. They did not perceive themselves as needing a doctor, but they were not about to have surgery until they had taken ownership of the relationship and wanted a doctor for surgery.” This was instrumental in brand messaging for their client, along with many other discoveries that went into the consumer voice of the brand.

3v07 Account Manager Brianne Boyer says, “Many healthcare companies do not use the language that doctors use when describing the benefits of their products to patients. They use technical and scientific speak which creates a disconnect for consumers. That’s where 3v07 steps in to help. I can’t believe the difference this approach makes. We now use this same process in choosing our communication platform for physicians as well.” For more information about Social Anthropology and its unique value for today’s healthcare companies, contact Jeffrey Moore at 3v07 Medical Advertising.

About 3v07 Medical Advertising
3v07 Medical Advertising is an intellectual and creative trust with extensive experience in all aspects of branding and advertising for medical devices, life sciences and pharmaceuticals. The agency has a broad range of expertise in award-winning creative, strategy, and 360 campaign development. The agency was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Moore, a 30-year healthcare advertising veteran. Jeffrey has developed and implemented marketing plans for over 100 brands of major medical companies in a variety of markets related to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, aesthetics and biotechnology. Jeffrey built the 50th dot-com website and has been intimately involved with branding through interactive channels ever since.

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