Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE: TFX), a leading global provider of medical devices for critical care and surgery, has announced the first insertion of the new ARROW ® JACC™ Catheter with Chlorag + ard ® Technology.

The ARROW JACC (Jugular Axillo-subclavian Central Catheter) Catheter with Chlorag + ard Technology is a long-term, small bore antimicrobial and antithrombogenic catheter that gives clinicians a single, less-invasive option for critically ill patients for the duration of their therapy. This catheter, which received FDA clearance in November 2012, is designed specifically for the non-physician, Vascular Access Specialist.

The placing of central venous catheters by non-physician inserters is an emerging trend within healthcare. These Vascular Specialists are driving best practices such as the use of antimicrobial catheters, ultrasound and maximal barrier precautions to offset the high-demand and workload of physicians, who have traditionally placed central lines. To date, Teleflex Incorporated and its ARROW ® Vascular Division have supported clinicians in expanding their scope of practice to include central venous catheter insertion in more than forty states.

“The ARROW JACC Catheter with Chlorag + ard Technology has been designed because every patient deserves the right to zero complications,” states Paul Molloy, President of the Vascular Division. “The ARROW JACC Catheter is another example of how we continue to innovate and bring products to market that satisfy clinical needs as well as facilitate positive changes we see emerging in the vascular access space.” The ARROW JACC Catheter employs Chlorag + ard Technology as a weapon against infection and thrombosis for up to 30 days. Approximately 80,000 ICU catheter-related bloodstream infections occur each year in the United States resulting in an estimated 28,000 deaths at a cost of $2.3 billion. 1 The ARROW JACC Catheter with Chlorag+ard Technology will enable caregivers to effectively and economically care for millions of critically ill patients.

About Teleflex Incorporated
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