Biozoom Reveals Breakthrough Consumer Product For Massive Fitness, Health And Wellness Markets: Handheld, Real Time Biofeedback Scanner

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 3:31pm
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According to the respected management consulting firm, McKinsey, the global health and wellness market will reach $1 trillion before the decade is out, and Biozoom (BIZM) is poised to be a major force in that growth. Biozoom recently unveiled the world's first mobile, hand held biofeedback health scanner, positioning the company to enter this enormous market across a number of segments, including functional nutrition, personal healthcare, health and beauty, and consumer devices. The scanner non-invasively measures antioxidant levels, vitamin absorption, stress responses, oxygen consumption, and other factors important to good health and looking and feeling younger.

The Biozoom scanner is a breakthrough in anywhere, anytime wellness management. With a simple click of a button, the Biozoom scanner reflects a beam of light off  the skin—using advanced optics produced by Carl Zeiss—and measuring the differing wavelengths. The technical term is transdermal reflection spectroscopy. The science behind it is well known—the similar technology that hospitals and labs have used for decades, now miniaturized for easy transport in purse, pocket or gym bag.  The scan results are sent instantly to Biozoom's servers for analysis by the company's proprietary, medically validated algorithms. As a result, the user gets clear, understandable feedback that he or she can use right away to make nutritional and fitness training decisions.

The scanner had been proven effective in a number of clinical trials in one of Germany's most respected teaching hospital. These studies show that the scanner is as accurate as lab-based machines, and that using it can help people modify their lifestyle behavior and improve their wellness.

"We have perfected what the healthcare and health and wellness market have been waiting for—effective two-way diagnostic communication. The Biozoom scanner is very simple for anyone to use—on oneself or others. Parents can scan their children by simply holding the scanner to their hand and pressing a button. Our system does the rest," said Hardy Hoheisel , Biozoom's CEO. "The user opens an app on his or her smartphone or goes online to get not only the various levels, but also an analysis of the steps they can take to improve those values. It is the actionable information that will help users increase their antioxidant levels and improve their health and performance."

Health-conscious people will be able to purchase the scanner at national health and wellness retail outlets, health and fitness clubs, as well as major pharmacies and online. With scanner results in hand, they will know which foods, nutritional supplements, rejuvenation therapies or other products will help them achieve their wellness goals.

Biozoom is developing future versions of the scanners for clinicians and healthcare professionals. "Our objective for the next generation of Biozoom scanners will be calibrated for use in medicine and healthcare environments," said Dr. Wolfgang Kocher , Biozoom's CTO "which could potentially replace expensive and inconvenient blood tests for values including cholesterol, blood sugar, drug absorption and more."


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