Medtronic Issues Statement on iPad Interference Study

Fri, 05/10/2013 - 11:02am

Medtronic's current internal analysis and testing shows iPad technology presents no risk of electromagnetic interference with Medtronic implantable cardiac rhythm devices when used per manufacturer's instructions. However, as a precaution, patients implanted with a pacemaker or ICD are advised to follow Apple and Medtronic labeling recommendations and maintain a distance of six inches (15 cm) between the iPad and implanted device.

ICD Therapy suspension and Asynchronous Pacing of IPG can be triggered by exposure to a magnet with a static magnetic field greater than 10 gauss. This is a standard functionality of most ICD and IPG (pacemaker) devices.

Medtronic proactively communicates to patients to avoid placing any magnet near the device implanted area. Since the covers of iPads often use magnets to secure them to the tablet, the presentation at Heart Rhythm 2013 is a good reminder for patients to remain vigilant on new technology and its accessories and maintain a distance of six inches between an iPad and implanted pacemaker or ICD.

At this time, Medtronic is not aware of any incidence of iPad interference with its implanted cardiac devices.


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