Itamar-Medical Announced Today That the AMA Has Awarded a CPT Category III Code to a Test Performed by Its EndoPATTM Proprietary Device

Mon, 07/08/2013 - 8:00am
Business Wire

Itamar-Medical Ltd (TASE: ITAMAR), developer and marketer of the EndoPAT TM non-invasive device for the assessment of endothelial function, today announced that The AMA (American Medical Association) has awarded a CPT category III reimbursement code to a test performed by its EndoPAT proprietary device.

The AMA establishes Category III codes for emerging technologies and services. The CPT code is a key component in the implementation of reimbursement policies in health insurance plans covering millions of patients in the US. Reimbursement policy is established by different insurers taking into account both clinical evidence and financial implications. With more than 300 peer reviewed publications and an ever increasing number of physicians using EndoPAT in their clinical practice, it is now expected to fit well into such health plans. US physicians will be able to file reimbursement claims specific to Endothelial function assessment, using the EndoPAT with insurers following the introduction of the new CPT code as of January 1 st, 2014. The test has been approved for symptomatic patients and patients already suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Mr. Gilad Glick, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Itamar-Medical, said: “This is an important milestone for the EndoPAT technology in becoming a widely used diagnostic tool and a formal recognition of the AMA in the clinical importance of the test. Establishment of the CPT code paves the way to receiving reimbursement for the test in the United States. This will accelerate the adoption of EndoPAT TM technology as a leading diagnostic test targeted at the prevention of cardiovascular disease.” The EndoPAT TM device is FDA cleared and commercially used worldwide by leading research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and private clinics, especially in the United States and Japan.

Itamar’s WatchPAT TM device has undergone a similar process, whereby the test based on the device had been first awarded category III CPT to later be upgraded to category I.



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