All Your Mammograms in Your Purse

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 2:24pm
The Associated Press

Speaking today from Buenos Aires, SmartMetric Inc. President & CEO Chaya Hendrick said the company's MedicalKeyring is able to store a person's complete medical files including a person's complete mammogram images.

Storing a person's complete mammogram files on a sophisticated yet simple to use plug and play device gives diagnostic physicians the ability to view historical images along with the most recent allowing for a higher level of diagnosis. No longer does a women have to carry around years of records in plastic carrying bags etc. The MedicalKeyring by SmartMetric provides an unparalleled level of portability of a person's medical files. While using the world's smallest biometric fingerprint reader, developed by SmartMetric built into the MedicalKeyring to protect access to the person's medical files. In every case the person authorizes access to their private records using their own fingerprint that is itself for security and privacy stored on the person's own MedicalKeyring.

For information on SmartMetric and its technology please go to For information on the SmartMetric MedicalKeyring please go to


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