Medisafe Project Announces Enhanced Version of Mobile App For iPhone Users

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 6:59pm
MediSafe Project

Top rated mobile medication management solution offers new features to create a better experience for iOS users, crossing the 100,000 downloads mile stone

MediSafe Project announced today the addition of three new features to the iOS version of its medication management system. The new features make it easier to input information, enhance the engagement process and better manage medication management for iPhone users. As the first medication management solution to use cloud sync technology, MediSafe sends alerts to users’ family, friends and caretakers when they miss a dose, leveraging the family as a support system.

“Our primary goal at MediSafe is to help keep users safe by providing a system that encourages medication management, and creates an ecosystem connecting pharmaceutical companies, physicians, pharmacies, patients and families,” said Omri “Bob” Shor, co-founder and CEO of MediSafe. “Recently, the health care industry has adopted the patient-centered care model, so we wanted to add features that would cater to patients’ preferences, family situations, cultures and lifestyles to provide a holistic support system that will lead to stronger adherence rates.”

Medication adherence is a staggering problem, costing U.S. hospitals more than $290 billion dollars a year. One-third to one-half of patients do not adhere to prescribed medication regimens, resulting in more than 125,000 annual deaths. Although there is no single solution that has been proven to end medication non-adherence, the rise in mHealth technology such as medication reminder apps, is helping to increase compliance, largely because the engagement a patient has with his/her mobile device is much higher than with medications.

New features added to the iOS version of MediSafe include:

  • ‘Medicine Cabinet’ for P.R.N. medications – Users who take medication “as needed” now have a way to record those doses for adherence purposes. When users click the add button (+) on the app’s home screen, a ‘Medicine Cabinet’ opens displaying all their entered medications for them to select and record taking.
  • Customized Medication Entry: When entering a new medication, users can customize its appearance, specifying the shape, size and color of the pill. An auto-complete feature was added to help users find and enter their medications with ease. MediSafe now enables users to select if they take medication on an either a “scheduled” or “as needed basis,” as well as choose specific days, or a recurring interval.
  • Multiple Profiles – Users in charge of medication regimens for more than one person now have a way to separate medications into different user profiles – ideal for mothers keeping track of siblings and caretakers for their patients.

Eight months after its November 2012 launch, more than 100,000 people have downloaded the app on Android and iOS. MediSafe’s Android app is rated 4.5 stars— a top rating for a free medication management solution in Google Play store. "We expect no less from our new iPhone app" says Shor.

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