Photos of the Day: Affordable Blood Flow Imaging

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 11:48am
The Optical Society

A laser pointer (top right) illuminates a microfluidic flow phantom (bottom center) and the speckle pattern is imaged onto a webcam (top center) to enable calculation of flow images. (Credit: Andrew Dunn, University of Texas – Austin)

The webcam setup (right) is just about as effective as the more expensive CCD camera setup (left) at showing the reduction in blood flow following a stroke. The green circle shows the stroke’s affected area. (Credit: Andrew Dunn, University of Texas – Austin)

A speckle contrast image (right) of the stroke-affected section of mouse brain averaged over 10 frames, with an image depicting the vascular anatomy (left) for comparison. (Credit: Andrew Dunn, University of Texas – Austin)

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