Teleflex Launches ARROW JACC with Chlorag+ard Technology, the First and Only Long-Term Antimicrobial and Antithrombogenic CVC

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 5:00pm
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Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX), a leading global provider of medical devices for critical care and surgery, has announced the launch of the new ARROW ® JACC with Chlorag + ard ® Technology.

The ARROW ® JACC (Jugular Axillo-subclavian Central Catheter) with Chlorag + ard ® Technology is a small-french size antimicrobial and antithrombogenic catheter that is designed for both acute and long-term use. The ARROW ® JACC employs Chlorag + ard ® Technology as a weapon against thrombosis and infection for up to 30 days, effective against the full spectrum of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Approximately 250,000 patients acquire catheter-related bloodstream infections each year in the United States, with oncology, diabetic, critically ill and chronically ill patients at highest risk. According to the CDC, an estimated 30,000 to 62,000 patients die each year as a result of a catheter-related bloodstream infection. 1 The ARROW ® JACC with Chlorag + ard ® Technology provides caregivers another tool to effectively and economically care for millions of patients.

“We are very excited to announce our launch of the ARROW ® JACC with Chlorag + ard ® Technology. This product’s innovative design offers clinicians a new and unique treatment option that further demonstrates our commitment to achieve ‘Zero Complications’ in vascular access,” said Benson Smith, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe the ARROW ® JACC represents a significant step forward in raising the standard of care for patients requiring vascular access, while equally addressing the clinical need for treatment efficiency and cost-effectiveness in our challenging healthcare environment.” The ARROW ® JACC, which received FDA clearance in November 2012, is designed specifically for the Vascular Access Specialist. The placing of Central Venous Catheters by Vascular Access Specialists is an emerging trend within healthcare. The Vascular Access Specialists are driving best practices, such as the use of antimicrobial catheters, ultrasound and maximal barrier precautions, to offset the high-demand and workload of physicians who have traditionally placed central catheters. To date, Teleflex Incorporated and its ARROW ® Vascular Division have supported clinicians in expanding their scope of practice to include Central Venous Catheter insertion in more than forty states.

To foster this growth, Teleflex has developed a comprehensive education and training program focusing on the insertion of Central Venous Catheters. This program is being licensed to institutions and academic medical centers to help grow Vascular Access Teams and establish a high standard of care.

“As an early user of the JACC since April, the power and versatility of the device has become more evident the more that I use it. We have fully integrated its use into our renal practice and are expanding its use in other areas,” said Darla Tarvin, Vascular Access Specialist. “It’s the right catheter for the patient and the kit is packaged in a way that makes it the right catheter for me to insert. The ARROW ® JACC and kit has improved my ability to provide the best care possible to my patients.” * Not all products or technologies are approved for use in all regulatory jurisdictions. Please contact your local Teleflex office or representative for details.

Darla Tarvin is a paid consultant who performs speaking engagements on behalf of Teleflex.


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