Invuity Features Its Eigr Illumination Technology at Novation Innovative Technology Expo

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 3:20pm
The Associated Press

Invuity ® today announced that Novation selected its portfolio of surgical illumination and visualization devices incorporating Eigr™ Illumination Technology for the Novation Innovative Technology Expo. The event provided an opportunity for the company to present its devices to on-site clinical experts and health care providers and discuss the impact its products have on improving patient care and reducing risk to patients and caregivers.

Invuity’s Eigr Illumination Technology incorporates proprietary optical waveguide technology with a complex geometry of integrated microstructures to shape illumination within the operative space. It broadly projects thermally cool, brilliant, white light to uniformly illuminate deep surgical cavities, providing unsurpassed visualization while virtually eliminating shadows, glare and thermal hazards.

"Just as hospitals strive to improve patient care and reduce risk via minimally invasive and minimal access surgeries, Invuity is advancing the standard of surgical illumination through its innovative Eigr Illumination Technology. Less invasive surgery becomes even more safe and efficient through substantially better visualization," according to Olya Carter, senior clinical manager, Innovative Technology, Novation. "Novation is pleased to offer members access to this technology through agreement MS1850.” “The relationship we began with Novation earlier this year has provided us access to thousands of U.S. hospitals, which has already led to increased adoption by academic medical centers, community hospitals and surgery centers nationwide,” said Invuity Chief Executive Officer Phillip Sawyer. “It also has allowed us to expand our product portfolio across multiple specialties within many of our top healthcare centers.” Invuity was awarded an Innovative Technology contract by Novation, the leading healthcare supply chain expertise, analytics and contracting company for the 65,000 members and affiliates of VHA Inc., UHC, Children’s Hospital Association and Provista LLC. The contract was awarded outside of Novation’s competitive bid cycle and encompasses the entire Invuity portfolio of devices featuring its Eigr Illumination Technology. The Innovative Technology contract is awarded to innovative technology that provides an incremental clinical benefit over existing products. To learn more about Novation’s Innovative Technology program, visit

Invuity featured its newest products at the Novation Innovative Technology Expo, including: Eikon™ Illuminated Retractor System, optimally designed for skin and nipple sparing mastectomy, breast reconstruction and other breast surgery, as well as orthopedic and general surgery Eigr Saber Handheld Illuminator with Yankauer suction, ideal for anterior hip arthroplasty and other orthopedic, spine, cardiac, breast and general surgery Breiten™ Illuminated Retractor System, which provides optimal access and visualization for anterior cervical and lumbar spine surgery The Novation Innovative Technology Expo was held October 2 nd at the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas, Texas.



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